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Siding Installation

What to Expect
In most cases, if you want new siding attached to your house, the old siding will have to go, although in some situations metal siding can be applied right over the existing siding. If you have never seen what a home can look like during a siding installation, here is a list so that you will know what to expect.

Siding Demolition

The existing siding needs to be torn out and this will happen in one of two ways. One, the siding professionals will tear out all the old siding then come back to apply the new. Two, as soon as some of the workers have finished removing the siding from one wall, the other professionals will begin applying the new siding as the rest is being torn down. Of course, the second method is typically employed during months of extreme weather to limit the home’s exposure to the elements, not to mention if the siding company has enough manpower to operate in this way. The first option is not better or worse, but sometimes with large homes or brittle siding, this chore can just take all day. 

The old siding is usually hauled off in a dump truck, but occasionally it can be left in a big pile for a few days until the job is completed. Rest assured that once the job is finished the pile will be gone.

Repairing the Sheathing

If the sheathing behind the old siding is damaged or unusable for any reason, it will need to be replaced wherever its integrity has been compromised. The sheathing is very inexpensive, so the added cost here will basically be labor. If you are unsure about why something needs to be fixed, have your contractor show you the damage and also show you what sheathing looks like that is in good condition so you can compare. Also, have him check and or replace the wood trim

Applying the Siding

The new siding will typically be stacked on your yard someplace. This is not much of a worry since most siding specialists will be done in 3-7 days, which in not enough time to damage the lawn. If you have a small yard or a cluttered one, it would be a good idea to clear a space for the material and for the siding contractors.

Working with Siding Contractors

As far as disrupting your daily routine, installing new siding is about the least obtrusive venture a homeowner can undertake. The material is thin and won’t take up much space in the yard, its installation does not carry with it any noxious chemicals or messy substances, and it can be installed one wall at a time. Plus its application is very fast, and can sometimes be as fast as a day depending on the size of the crew and the house. 

After you make the move to have siding installed or replaced, now you need to know how to work with the people who are working on your home. Here again, since they won’t need you to turn off the water or electricity to do their job, they can work outside without disruption to your daily flow. However, there are some ideas you might consider that will expedite your new siding.

Siding Contractors

First, make sure you talk with the person in charge about anything you think might be important. Walk around the house with the siding pro and ask him to tell you what he will be doing to your home. Make it clear that if something is not going to go to plan that he will tell you first just so everyone is on the same page. 

Second, consider the daily needs of your siding contractors. If you live in a remote area, you might need to allow them access to a bathroom (otherwise they will have to drive somewhere every time nature calls, which just slows down the installation). They will have to use the restroom, and it is not mandatory that they use yours, but it’s just a nice thing to do. 

Third, if the temperatures are extreme during your siding installation, whether hot or cold, provide your workers with a place to cool off or warm up. If you don’t want them in your house, think about opening your garage for a little shade or to get out of the wind.

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